Tools I Recommended & Use Personally

I've been asked many of times what tools I recommend - knitting needles or crochet hooks - and I've always expressed my passion for Susan Bates' tools.  Last year I finally sat down to type up a Guide (eBook) walking you through the process of choosing your desired project, selecting your tools and yarn, and applying those finishing, polished touches. 

Learning to Knit or Crochet is not difficult and it shouldn't be filled with discouragement.  These are the tools + yarns that I have had great success with in teaching for the last 5+ years.  

I'll expand more on my favorite tools and supplies in an upcoming blog post, and the free Guide will be released later this year.  Until then, please shop + enjoy all the tools that I recommend for both beginners and advanced crafters alike.  Still have questions? Please feel free to send me an email.

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Disclaimer: All recommendations are purely my own and with lots of experience behind them.
I receive a small affiliate credit when you click & purchase through a link, but that in no way shapes what I include or recommend. 

Best part: You're allowing me to continue sharing my knowledge at no cost to you!  :) 

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