What to Make Next?

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I need your input.  I have so many ideas starting to develop + swirl around in my head that I've found myself paralyzed with indecision.  

What do I work on next?  You decide for me!

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I'm currently thinking of going the route of outfit styled with knit accessories + handcrafted holiday round-ups.  Thoughts?  You can sign up here or at the end of this post.

Weekly Stitches

I have the Knit stitches edition currently in development with the Crochet stitches on the back burner until Knit is done.  You can sign up to receive this free email series as soon as it is available.

More Products Choices

I feel like anything could be knit or crocheted.  Plastic bag savers/holder/dispensers; draft blockers, rugs, mug cozies, wristlet cuff bracelets, socks, baby blankets (what colors or patterns are you drawn to?), phone/tablet/laptop cozies, purses/clutches, stool slipcovers, seat cushions, planter pot covers, toilet paper covers (I grew up with one that looked like a hat)... do you have one to add to the list?  What product(s) would you like to see next?

Video Tutorials

I've been throwing around the idea of hosting a Technique Tuesday on Instagram + archiving the videos on a library page here.  So far I would cover how to make a slip knot, how to hide knots in crochet work, how to change colors using a slip knot, crocheting a pouch in the round (to avoid seams), crocheting button holes, knitting button holes, knitting seams (instead of sewing), and how I hold dpn knitting needles.  What techniques would you like to see?

Video Patterns

Being a visual learner, I have started out publishing my knit + crochet patterns with step-by-step images to convey what my words mean in each pattern step.  But I'd love to be able to show what I mean when I say "flip your work 180*."  

Currently the hold up is having the right space (pretty background + lighting) to shoot these videos in the best way possible.  I want these videos to look so beautiful that you just might watch it while you're working on a pattern "just because."  (Or am I the only one that binges on YouTube while crafting?...)

Now it's your turn.  Please weigh in + tell me what you'd like to see next.  I can't wait to focus on something once I have a clear direction of what others are waiting to see.  :)  

How do you fight paralysis from indecision?  

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