Looking Ahead at the New Year

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Hmm… Coffee tastes like sweet, old memories this morning… :)  It's been a while (3 years?) since I can remember sipping coffee in my sweatpants, dreaming up what I'm going to blog about next.  But this morning feels different; it's time to share our exciting news and I'm also overdue for "Resolutions" post of some sort.

But first, because I'm not good at holding anticipation…

Baby #2 20wk ultrasound.jpg

We will be expecting our second child at the end of May, a month after our daughter's second birthday + just in time for the weather to warm up.  Selfishly, I'm most excited for stroller walks in the park with my other Mom friends and their kids, now that the winter weather has finally arrived.  Weight gain during pregnancy is probably the biggest struggle for me, mentally, during pregnancy.  I loathe the scale's numbers going up and up and anxiously dream of the Birth day so I can actively make those numbers go down.  

My 2016 Resolutions

are a mixture of personal and business related this year.

1. I want to be 10 pounds lighter + hopefully a size smaller than my pre-pregnancy weight by August (ideally) or by December.

2. I want to devote at least one day a week to personal exercise - whether its stroller walks in the park or spinning at a gym.

3. My basement will be purged of everything we don't use or rotate into use within a year so that we have the space + organization to store what we do use.  And it will be kept neatly organized.

4. My home will finally be painted + decorated so it feels "completed" - not in limbo or construction.

5. I will can enough jams + green beans + salsa + tomato sauce + applesauce to hopefully last us for two years + holiday gifting.

6. I will schedule a family picture for October + send Holiday cards before Thanksgiving.


7. I will attend at least 2 shows a month, starting in June? or July and ideally 3-4 shows for each Holiday month (Nov & Dec).

8. I will begin adding fabric brand tags to my baby and cotton items.

9. I will have a photographer take all new photos of accessories and relaunch their look this Winter or next Autumn.

10. I will re-write all my product descriptions w/ SEO.

11. I will dive into SEO research + optimize all my listings + my shop.

12. I will streamline my packaging + shipping station / process.

13. I will set up an automated expenses + income system (Excel / Mint / etc?)

14. I will set up a better inventory system for supplies + finished products.

15. I will finish Choosing Your Tools eBook.

16. I will finish the Weekly Knit Stitches email series.

17. I will host a Yarn Night on Google Hangouts the last Saturday of every month.


18. Bonus: I will have guest bloggers post about fashion styling + decorating with Knits monthly.

19. Bonus: I will send a monthly email update.

20. Bonus: I will blog weekly.


Lots to accomplish - and I'm always one to bite off more than I can chew.  Especially when I have a newborn that will be added to the mix come summer.  Most of my business goals I hope to complete before s/he arrives, but we know how the best laid plans go...

What are your Goals + Dreams for the New Year?  I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!  Be sure to click "subscribe via email" to receive comment reply notifications.

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