Peaking Ahead

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This weekend was rather full with lots of manual labor, cleaning up the weeds + garden around the house; a break from my #GoIndependent homework; and a wonderful viewing down memory lane of Bedknobs & Broomsticks.  

Exciting, upcoming events this week:

The August Art Walk is this Thursday!  

Friday is my second class teaching the Shell Mini-Cowl.  If you're local, you can sign up here - or watch for my webinars coming this winter *hopefully.*  Keep reading for more details.

Other exciting news:

I'm back to work, testing more knit stitch patterns for my upcoming email series launching at the beginning of September.  You can sign up via the link or scrolling down my sidebar.  

Next on the list is developing a webinar series to learn to knit & learn to crochet.  If you are signed up for my email list, you'll be notified as soon as I am accepting applicants.  *Make sure you have webinars checked on your email preferences so you receive these specific notifications.  If you aren't receiving emails from me, I highly recommend you sign up below.


Have a great week!  I look forward to hearing what you've been up to.  Please be sure to subscribe to comment notifications at the top right of the comment box so you don't miss any replies.  :)

What has filled your weekend?  Any exciting news in your near future?

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