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Networking for a Small Biz |


If you've connected with the author, if you have something to add, or just want to leave a word of encouragement, a comment can not only get your name in front of more people, it is a great way to support fellow authors (bloggers, social media authors, etc).  

Be sure to sign in with your website address when leaving a comment so if a reader clicks on your name, it would take them to your site.  I've had a handful of referrals this way and I've discovered a few new favorites, too.


Don't follow to gain followers, I'm sure this is the universal etiquette these days, but it still needs repeating.  I still get new followers with the random profiles that make me wonder how my brand resonates with them.  

Follow those who inspire you and whose influence you want in your life.  Many have also suggested doing occasional audits of who you follow to keep your feed clean & inspiring.

Give Likes + Hearts

Where deserved.  If you like something, don't hold back on the likes or hearts.  Let the author know they got something right, maybe even struck a cord with you.  This also goes for commenting (see first above).

I may have some experience with "Like bombing" as a good friend likes to accuse me of on occasion.  But who doesn't love all that good validation?  ;)


If you loved someone's content so much, your friends + followers might enjoy it as well!  The author(s) will appreciate it and the more you share their content, the more they'll take note of you.  Everyone loves finding new friends who share their common interests.

Don't forget to share your own content periodically so new friends + followers get a chance to discover it.  Especially at the end of a genuine comment, "if you want more ideas/info, you can check out my blog post on xyz here."  


If you've built up a favorite relationship, a collaboration would be a great way to build up both of your Brands & expand your reach(es) 

Examples include working on an exclusive collection (my collaboration with Kester's Kia alpaca yarn - more info coming soon!) or being in a featured series like 3and3handmadeshop's #MakersMondayFeature on Instagram.  There are so many different ideas under this umbrella it could be its own post!

  • joint webinars / interviews / podcasts
  • giveaway package containing an item from each host
  • host a gift exchange - have entrants submit their contact info & the host(es) assign each person to a recipient to whom they mail their gift.
  • host office hours around a theme - blogging help, technique tips, etc.
  • guest post - request one or submit one


Through a comment of encouragement, providing desired feedback in a poll or on an image or - even better - sharing someone's content that moved you, are all valuable ways to show your support + encourage others.  The author will most likely take note + want to find out more about you + who you are.  This is your opportunity to connect and build your community genuinely!


If you're a business owner, how do you get the word out about your business or event?  Or what are some of the ways you hear about new places that you mentally mark to explore later?  I'd love to know!  Please leave a comment below with all your thoughts!

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