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This year has been a wonderful year of intention + putting myself - scratch that - Knittedhome out there.  So really it shouldn't come as a surprise when a friend of mine connected me with another blog friend of his.  But the really exciting part is the opportunity this new blog friend gave me in the form of an interview.  She wanted to interview me!  

Every time I get this offer (ok, only published one other time, but this was an awesome series) I'm always surprised but also immensely honored by the opportunity.  Mainly because I still feel like a fledgeling who is still trying to figure it out.  After 5 years.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one?)  Curious what Julia + I talked about?

Julia @ Positively Glamorous

Julia @ Positively Glamorous

Annie (me!) @ Knittedhome

Annie (me!) @ Knittedhome

A running theme this year has been the rebranding of Knittedhome.  Here, Julia + I talk about my "biggest challenge so far"...

“I’d say [my biggest challenge] has been building my brand. I’m definitely not a designer by any means so this has been a struggle from the beginning. But this year I’m focusing on rebranding Knittedhome + creating a cohesive look across all things Knittedhome (from the etsy shop to the show table). I’ve even hired a few friends to lend their talents + know-how to improve Knittedhome and I can’t wait to finally unveil the new look!”

I hope you'll head over + check out the entire interview.  Not only did it turn out so beautifully, I know you'll fall in love with her style as soon as you start exploring her site.  It is filled with inspiring quotes, beautiful prints, and equally well-written articles.  I know I'll be perusing her Prints section later this week...

I'd love to hear what you thought of the interview if you don't mind popping back to drop a comment.  Did you have a favorite part?  What would you like to know more about?

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