Let the Busy Season Begin

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Well, what a hectic and crazy week to kick off Autumn!  The Sept Art Walk was last Thursday and the Independents' Day Festival was all weekend, which didn't leave much time for anything but show prep.  

The Art Walk had a decent turn out and I had 4 or 5 of sales + two custom orders!  The first sale of the day was my first custom order, for a long-time fan!  Both her and her husband recognized us because of my daughter.  They said they've been watching her grow up since last year's Art Walks.  So I was touched that they had grown so attached to us and eager to support my little venture.  She told me they had specifically driven out that night to pick up a hat for their upcoming niece's arrival - but they ended up picking out a hat for their young nephew as well!

Sept Art Walk 2015 |

The evening's two custom orders:

Custom Shell Baby Hat with Flower |
Custom Shell Baby Hat |

The Independents' Day Festival turned out to be my second best show ever!  (With my first Make It Indie show still being my best).

Independents' Day Festival 2015 |

Saturday had nice, steady foot traffic but it felt awkward, like the festival itself was trying to figure out its groove.  I had 8 sales total for the day, starting at 2 hours into the show and my last one 2 hours before the end of the day.  By Sunday, foot traffic had nearly doubled and everything felt much more natural and fluid.  I had 15 sales for the day(!), my first one an hour into the day and my last one an hour before close, with at least 3 or 4 of my custom orders made today.  

It has been awesome seeing what customers gravitate towards and what designs I need to keep a few multiples on hand.  Baby mittens and matching hats were my biggest seller by far over the weekend, making up 5 of my 6 custom orders.

I loved the feeling of all (6) custom orders waiting for me at the end of the weekend.  I even tried to get the Art Walk's one custom order made over the weekend but ended up selling it to an interested customer on Sunday!  So making the "candy cane pink" shell hat was first on my list to replace the one I sold.

Custom Orders from the Weekend.

Custom Orders from the Weekend.

I'm bummed I won't be able to do the October Art Walk, seeing as we will be at the Rehearsal dinner for my sister and her fiancΓ©.  :)

So this month you can catch me on Tuesday, Oct. 6 @ the Fall into Style Shopping event and for my new Columbus friends, I'll be at the Craft & Bake Sale in the small town of Baltimore, Ohio (30 minutes east of Columbus) on Saturday Oct. 24.

I apologize for the lack of posts these last two weeks.  I've been prepping and then catch up from these three days of shows.  And knowing I have more ahead may mean further interruptions to a regular blogging schedule.  But I'll be on Instagram posting sneak peaks and answering your questions via email.  Thank you so much for your understanding! :)

How did your weekend turn out?  Did you attend any shows as a shopper or vendor?  What is your favorite one to attend?  I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!  Be sure to click "subscribe via email" to receive comment reply notifications.

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