How to Support Your Favorite Small Brands

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We all have those favorite brands that we can't get enough of but don't necessarily have the funds to buy everything we love in their shop.  Other than like-bombing + commenting on their blogs + other social media, how else do you show them your support?

Affiliate Links

When I find a small Brand that I want to support but maybe don't have the funds to drop in their "Tip Jar," or purchase something from their shop, I like to click through their blog's Amazon or any other referral link before I make a purchase or sign up for a service.  This way I can directly support a Brand I love without costing me anything!  Why wouldn't  I want to do this every time??  Plus, if you save their Amazon link as a bookmark so you use it every time, your support will really add up!

Small Biz Owners: Make it easy for your fans to support you by integrating these links into your posts, side bar, pages + anywhere else you might mention something that you have an affiliate link for.  Just be sure to disclose your affiliation somewhere on the same page.

Social Media Shares

By sharing your Favorite Brand's links with your followers + friends, you are increases their reach a thousand-fold!  Especially with Facebook's algorithm for Pages, even when you've selected that you want to hear from your favorite Brands, they don't usually show up in your newsfeed.  So by sharing a Brand's status or picture, you are increasing their views exponentially!  And they'll probably be so grateful they just might send you a little freebie...

Even if you are only sharing one product that you love, this could be the gateway that introduces your friends to your Favorite Brand.  Not only does this support the Brand, but you + your friend now have something new to gush over!

Small Biz Owners: Make it easy for your fans to share!  Include share buttons at the bottom of your blog posts + in your shop listings.  Also update your social media accounts when you update your shop with new items or a new blog post.  I use IFTTT recipes to do all this in the background.

Word of Mouth

It might surprise you just how much weight your opinion carries with your family + friends.  Don't believe me?  What was the last thing you purchased against the advice of a family member or friend?  You probably didn't.

In fact, if you were truly overwhelmed with options, you probably went with what your family member or friend suggested because it worked for them (or it didn't so you ruled that one out).  Or am I the only one paralyzed by choices these days + opt for the easiest decision already made for me?  ;)

Don't dismiss online "word of mouth."  Write a blog post about your favorite Brand + why you like them.  Include some of their images (with permission of course) to make your post really pop.  If you like it, your readers are sure to enjoy discovering your favorite Brand, too!

Small Biz Owners: Make it easy for your customers to spread the word.  Include a couple business cards with each purchase so they can share them with a friend(s).  Obviously give them a great shopping + customer experience so they can't help but rave about you.  And I've seen a couple articles suggesting a freebie with your sales for gift-givers to keep for themselves (since they will be gifting your item to their friend + won't have a reminder of your brand that stays with them).


How do you show your love + support of your favorite brands?  What did I miss that you would love your fans to know?

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