Continuing Ed: GoIndependent with byRegina

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I'm so excited to be participating in byRegina's EPIC month-long conference #GoIndependent.  It is perfectly geared toward Bloggers + Infopreneurs but I am loving all the content + inspirations it has helped me develop for Knittedhome's brand.  

There are a still a couple days left to sign up for FREE.  After this week, you will have to pay to join.  Not only does Regina have EPIC content + share an obscene amount of it, but there is also a Facebook Support group to connect with all the other students!  This group (along with my first find, Daring Creative Workshop) has become my favorite resource as an entrepreneur.  Seriously, I could have gotten so much more accomplished if I had had resources like this when Knittedhome originally launched!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but do know that I'm working tirelessly to develop some awesomeness for you.  You can see more snippets on Instagram, too.

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