Merry Christmas!

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Hello!  I haven't forgotten my blog or any of my friends while I've been absent.  Actually, I've very much wanted to pop in and tell you the exciting news as to WHY I haven't been able to update social media or my blog or even my SHOP since September but it just wasn't time to spill the beans yet.  

Now, I'm so excited to say we will be announcing it very shortly to the rest of "the world" this Christmas and I hope I can finally get back to posting a few regular updates in the New Year - at least, until the new … interruption arrives at the end of May.

Even with such exciting news, it sure did deliver a hard blow (screens make me nauseous now!?) to my online business and all that I had just recently started to develop.  I hope you'll stick with me - sign up for blog + email updates - through what I'm sure may be more random months of absence but also hopefully lots of useful information, shop sales, lots of behind-the-scenes pictures, and possibly some fun personal stories tossed in as well.  

I sure have missed blogging + I can't wait to start updating again.  Here's hoping the nausea has taken a backseat for a while so I can get a few more posts scheduled and the Weekly Knit series completed and sent out.

What are your plans for the holidays?  Have you finished all your holiday shopping yet?  Thank you to all my wonderful customers who have supported me both at Craft Shows this Autumn + in my Etsy shop.  You have blessed me with quite a busy season + I truly appreciate it.

Merry Christmas!

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