Tips for Blogging with a Newborn

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I originally posted this as a comment reply on byRegina's page + realized it is a collection of tips I wish I had read before my daughter was born.  And sometimes still wish I would re-read + remind myself being a SAHM + WAHM IS possible.  So today I thought I'd share it with you in case it makes a different in your life.

My Comment:

My few tips with a newborn include: BABYWEARING - learn how to tie a Moby wrap (newborn kangaroo hold I believe, where the baby lays on its stomach on your chest) to free your arms while holding baby + they sleep SO MUCH BETTER/ LONGER against you v. down.  Plus this worry-wort mama was terrified of flat-head.  Toot my own horn: Doctors always said my daughter has a *perfectly* round head :-]

Tip #2 - work in any pockets of time you can find.  Making a master to-do list with your "manager" hat on ONCE so that your "employee" persona can just look at the list + get sh*t done w/o having to think deeper every time saves HUGE amounts of 5-minute snippets.  I do this for housework too (dishes, laundry, repeat)

Tip #3 - accept any offer of help!  And when people ask, "what do you need?" Dinner, meals, a shower/have them hold the baby, and a gift certificate for a cleaning lady ;-)

Tip #4 - Write + work as MUCH as you possibly can + schedule it out so it can post/publish/update in the background while you take your maternity leave (no only your blog posts, but also email campaigns, buffer or hootsuite your social media, and ifttt).  You will be in such a haze postpartum.  Don't forget to take lots of pictures + notes(!) so you can remember it all :)

EJ + I at the computer in the early months....

Happy Hump day!

What are your tips for a blogger/freelancer expecting a newborn?  What did you do to prepare or are doing to prepare for your future life transition?

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