Looking Ahead at the New Year

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Hmm… Coffee tastes like sweet, old memories this morning… :)  It's been a while (3 years?) since I can remember sipping coffee in my sweatpants, dreaming up what I'm going to blog about next.  But this morning feels different; it's time to share our exciting news and I'm also overdue for "Resolutions" post of some sort.  This year my 2016 resolutions are a mixture of personal and business related.

But first, because I'm not good at holding anticipation…

Merry Christmas!

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Hello!  I haven't forgotten my blog or any of my friends while I've been absent.  Actually, I've very much wanted to pop in and tell you the exciting news as to WHY I haven't been able to update social media or my blog or even my SHOP since September but it just wasn't time to spill the beans yet.  

Writer's Block & a Mini Course Giveaway!

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So if you haven't noticed, I've been suffering from writer's block combined with too-busy syndrome and my blog posts have suffered.  I'm sure many moms and entrepreneurs that work from home can relate to the struggle to consistently compose new, worthwhile content for their space.  Fortunately, I have stumbled upon a new solution for Writer's Block.

Fall Sneak Peak

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The first look at my (first ever!!) Fall collection, inspired by the Chunky Crochet Shell Pillow.  With its squishy, chunky, beautiful textures and cozy warmth in fashion items, my Fall mini-collection has really taken on shape!  What are you looking for in your shopping experience this year?